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Let's Go Diving!

Olin Dive Philosophy

Respect Yourself and Marine Life. 
We can protect ourselves and the reef ecosystem by never intentionally touching anything.  It is also beneficial to use reef safe sunscreen or not to wear any at all.  
Safe Diving. 

Respect your personal diving limitations. Our professional dive instructors and guides will consult with you in regard to your dive experience and certification level and coordinate a dive plan that everyone is in agreement upon. Our local dive instructors were born and raised in Raja Ampat and have been diving for over 10 years with enate knowledge to the local dive sites. We conduct a detailed dive briefing prior to each dive. 

Reef currents are the true KING in Raja Ampat and although we typically know and understand which direction and where the currents will be, they can shift and strengthen without warning.  Prior to getting in the water our dive guides will check the current to make certain the boat is at the correct entry position and that the current will not jeopardize the dive previously briefed. 

Although the majority of dive sites are above 30meters/100feet, we encourage our divers never to go beyond the no decompression (no-deco) limit and to always conduct a safety stop for a minimum of 3 minutes at 5meters/15feet.  There is currently not a hyperbaric chamber located in Raja Ampat, so first!  

Diving Facilities & Equipment.

We regular service our high-quality diving equipment to ensure that it is in optimal working order. We have a variety of sizes and types of equipment in order to provide the safest and most comfortable diving experience possible for our divers. We always bring spare tanks, BCDs, regulators, weights, and masks onboard in case they are required. Our instructors and guides carry   SMBs (surface marker buoys) with them and use them on every dive.  


We have two dive boats that we regularly utilize and can each safely accommodate up to 8 persons to include our boat captain, dive guide, and boat attendant. Our boats are equipped with the essential first-aid and response safety equipment.  We can arrange for a larger boat if you have a larger group than 6 divers.

Social Responsibility in Maintaining a CLEAN Raja Ampat

It takes every single person to maintain the cleanliness of our planet and our truly sustainable ocean. If you happen to come across a piece of plastic or trash floating in the water, grab it and put it in your BCD pocket, if you do you may just save the life of any of our magnificent marine creatures! Thank you in advance for helping to maintain and sustain our beautiful planet!


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