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Services Offered

Open Water Certification

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An open water diver is  an autonomous diver who can go up to 18 meters in depth. They can join other certified divers on fun dives led by a divemaster. The Open Water Course is the first step in becoming a competent, skilled diver. The course is very complete, covering many underwater exercises and theoretical concepts essential in knowing how to dive safely. 

Open Water Divers Exploring Raja Ampat

Snorkling Excursion

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Abundant and vibrant reef fish, magnificent corals, and if you're lucky you will get to see sea turtles and mantas too!

(Go to Arborek to snorkel with the Mantas!)

Snorkeling Equipment, Fins, Snorkel

Advanced Open Water Certifcation

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Take your skills to the next level with the Advanced Adventurer Course. While the Open Water course is more in-depth on the theoretical side of diving, the advanced adventurers focus more on practical diving skills. Your instructor will expand your understanding and abilities in key areas of diving such as buoyancy, navigation, deep diving, night diving, fish identification, diving in currents and waves, etc. After completion you will be able to dive to a depth of 30 meters and experience night diving! 

Joshua Wade Calhoun Leading Divers in Raja Ampat

2 Dives / 1 Day

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Divers exploring the reef on a dive in Raja Ampat

3 Dives Trip / 1 Day

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Personalized Excursion

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A Diver Leaping into the water in Raja Ampat
A Diver Exploring the Reef

Visit Pianemo Island

Visit the limestones, swim with sharks, and have lunch in a paradise of islands!

Blue River / Kali Biru

Be sure to make an unforgettable memory with new friends here and definitely leap into this refreshing and healing water! 

Ferry & Small Boat Transportation arrangement between islands

Ferry Boat in Movement towards Waisai
Pianemo Islands Raja Ampat
Blue River, Kali Biru, Raja Ampat
Efenli Arnes Homestay on Gam Island Raja Ampat

Homestay Booking

Live alongside an Indonesian family who will host you here on Gam island in Raja Ampat. This homestay is located right on a private beach, with a private bedroom, and Indonesian toilet/shower facilities. A short 5 minute boat ride away to Friewen islands. 

Motorbike Rental

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Skoot around Waisai with your very own motorbike, exploring the local roadways and way of life here on the island!

Motorbike ready for rent in Raja Ampat
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